POAS-10 quick tips for doing home pregnancy tests

POAS (peeing on a stick)

Here are 10 quick tips:

1) Don’t do the pregnancy test too early-although it is very tempting to do this the results will be negative if you test too early. The earliest hcg (the pregnancy hormone) can be detected in a urine test is about 7-10 days post ovulation. At this time the hcg levels are sufficiently high to register on a home pregnancy test.

2) Test on your first morning urine sample (more concentrated)

3) Be prepared to retest if the test is negative-leave it about 48 hrs before retesting if you can bear to wait that long

4) The more sensitive the test  the earlier it will give you a positive pregnancy test. Look at the mIU sensitivity of the test-the lower the mIU level the more sensitive the test ie it detects lower levels of hormone

5) Pregnancy test strips are much cheaper and better value for money to buy than midstream pregnancy tests and just as accurate. They have much less packaging and so are also more eco friendly

6) Get everything you need ready before you perform the test-you will need a container to collect the urine in if using strip pregnancy tests

7) Read the instructions before you perform the test. This sounds obvious, but is surprising how often we only read the instructions when something goes wrong-not all test are the same

8) Timing is everything. Make sure you read the test result after the designated time. A timer may well come in handy.

9) Disregard any results that appear after the test time

10) Confirm your result after 48 hours

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