Can alternative medicine help fertility

Just read this interesting story online about how fertilty retreats run by alternative medicine practioners are helping couples to conceive. 

Stress may be a factor in many cases of unexplained fertility. We all know cases of couples who have had difficulty conceiving, and may have been referred for IVF who then take a holiday from trying to conceive while waiting for their appointment. Many go on a holiday thinking this may be their last chance before starting treatment and then conceive on holiday!

A friend of mine had been trying for some time, had been through several cycles of IVF without success. They had almost given up-then her partner bought a gorgeous 2 seater sports car. We joked that she was now bound to conceive-and she did on her next cycle of IVF ! They are now the proud parents of a lovely baby boy. She also had accupuncture weekly during this cycle.

Here is the link to the fertility retreats story,28318,25590988-5014090,00.html