Running on empty-how to fill yourself up

5 quick tips to fill yourself up :

1) Do something different-if you are at home all day-get out of the house for the day, if you at work all week plan some down time at home. If you look after young children all week plan some child free time-just do something different.

2) Go shopping with a girlfriend and have fun. Set yourself a budget & treat yourself to something that makes your feel glam-even if its just some dangly earrings, some pretty bangles or a scarf (the boho ethnic look is very big this season & there are lots of inexpensive ways to spice up your wardrobe by injecting a little boho chic)

3) Pamper yourself. Make time for a long bubble bath, shave your legs, do your nails, get the rough skin off your feet. You will feel gorgeous.

4) Read something you love-doe not matter what. Make the time this weekend to read a book or magazine. its raining this weekend in UK so perfect opportunity.

5) Have a special meal out with your significant other or to cook a special meal together (I prefer the meal out option-no dishes-the Tesco or M&S meal deals are nice and easy to cook at home)

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