Are you feeling in a rut-lets spice things up by doing things differently

Sometimes life can get monotonous, and we all need to change things around a bit.

The best example of this is in our diets-so many of us eat the same things week in week out-this can get kind of boring, but it is easy which is why we do it.

I am going to post some simple & inexpensive ideas later for doing things differently, that help to give us a boost and get us out of our comfortable little ruts, and will help to bring your va va voom back.

  • buy a different magazine or newspaper this week
  • start listening to a different radio program
  • listen to different music-borrow a new cd from friend or library
  • try some differnet food-something you would not usually eat
  • go somewhere new
  • take the scenic route to work
  • try a new sport
  • do something creative that you do not normal do-garden, paint, draw, pottery, plant a lovely summer container up
  • go to a live sports event & watch
  • do something in your home -touch up your paintwork, redecorate, paint the garden furniture, clear ou the garage, do some diy, re-arrange a room, read a feng shui book & implement something from it. Do something you would not normally do
  • do something for charity-have a big closet clearout & donate to charity, donate all the books you have read, go and help at a local charity
  • start a journal, blog or diary
  • write a story, any subject, any length
  • exercise-do something different-swimming, tennis, badmington, squash, go for a run, walk a neighbours dog
  • go to the cinema to see a new film by yourself or with a girlfriend
  • contact a long lost friend or relation
  • go shopping somewhere different
  • go to a museum, art gallery or exhibition
  • shift:sit in a different place to your usual one.(at mealtimes, in meeting, in the lounge, anywhere you have a habitual place to sit)
  • broken friendships-make the first move to repair the damage
  • ride a bike
  • play a childs game-garden cricket is great fun at this time of year, short tennis. monopoly
  • learn to meditate-get a cd, try yoga, read a book on relaxation
  • drive less aggressively

These ideas are taken from the book ‘The No Diet Do Something Different Diet’

For more info on the no diet diet click on link below

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