How do you cope with your PMT ?

I have just had a really bad dose of PMT. I knew it was building up all week as I could feel myself getting irritable over minor stuff that would normally wash over me at other times of the month. Yesterday I was particularly bad, and snappy,  bursting into tears at the smallest thing.

Do you get PMT ?

If so read on for some tips on recognising it, coping with it, lessoning it & dealing wit the fall out afterwards.

Common symptoms of PMT

About a week before I am due on I notice the following:

Breast heaviness, discomfort & extreme tenderness-I have found wearing my most comfortable & supportive bra at this tim of the month helps. If you are big busted, this is not the time of month for the lacy plunge bras or balcony bras. Save the sexy lingerie for the first half of your cycle and when you are ovulating. I have found that a comfortable & supportive bra at in the pre-menstrual time helps reduce the breast symptoms. Also warn your significant other that your breasts are a little tender at this time of the month, so he will take care to be gentle with them.

Acheing in my legs-when I am pre-menstrual my veins in my legs ache. They do not do this at any other time of the month. The symptoms are similar to when I was heavily pregnant. I have only had these leg symptoms as I have got older, so they may be a sign that my veins are struggling to cope at this time of the month. I have noticed the leg acheing is much worse if I am desk bound, so I try to make sure I get up from my desk frequently and do something active. I set a timer to remind me as I get so engrossed when I am working.

Fluid retention-my rings get very tight pre-menstrually. This is a very common symptom many women experience. The extra fluid usually disappears quickly once the period starts. Some people belive the fluid retention may account for ome of the irritability that women experience pre-menstrually.

Irritability-boy can we be snappy when we have PMT. If you have several women in the house they often synchronise with their menstrual cycles so that they are all pre-menstrual at the same time. The guys in those households have to keep their heads down when it is PMT time ! My brother has 3 teenage daughters ! In my experience the irritability is the hardest thing to cope with as we can be irritable with our loved ones and say or do things we regret later. I have found it is best to warn family members & friends when I have PMT & apolgise quickly if I am rude or snappy with them.

Good news-I have found exercise is great for dealing with the irritability and my sports ability increases when I am pre-menstraul. Any active sport helps -racket sports are great for me

Depressed mood and tearfullness

This is a common symptom experiences by many women. Luckily I only notice this in the couple of days before the period starts. It helps to know it is just the PMT and that it passes quickly for most women. Stress or illness can make this worse. At this time of the month i like to wallow in a good weepy film.

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