Do you want more intimacy with your man ?

Then don’t take him clothes shopping

This bank holiday Monday I visited Fosse park (along with half the county) which is a huge out of city shopping centre just on edge of Leicester. It has great shops, but boy was it busy.

I was in the enormous M & S having left my other half in the Costa coffee with his ipod. While shopping I noticed how many miserable looking men were being dragged round M& S, and being asked every few minutes ‘do you think this would suit me ‘ as there wife or girlfriend held up yet another dress, top or skirt. The look of abject misery & boredom on these poor guys faces was so obvious to any onlooker-why can’t us wives and girlfriends see it ?! I smiled to myself, as I realised that there was unlikely to be any intimacy or hanky panky between those couples that night, and the atmosphere was likely to be quite chilly. I thanked my lucky stars that there had been a Costa for dh to hang out in, and that he had brought his ipod (god he loves that thing)

I only recently learned not to take my dh shopping with me when I want to look at clothes for me. It dawned on me it was not fun for either of us, and we often argued afterwards.  He hates the whole process, and was simply humouring me. My moment of epiphany came when I started to go shopping with a girlfriend- it is so much more fun to shop with another women and such a relief to my dh. us gilrs can try on 20 items and end up buying none but we still have a huge amount of fun. This for most men is like having their toenails pulled out one by one-simply torture !

Next time you are in the womens department of a big store on a weekend or bank holiday , take a look at the men’s faces and you will see what I mean. I pity those poor men sat outside the M & S or John Lewis changing rooms.

Come on girls, take pity on your men folk-go shopping with a girlfriend, and leave the guys at home in peace

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