Common abreviations used in fertility support groups & TTC circles

Thought this might be a useful round up of common shorthand terms used online in fertility forums & fertility groups. If you have any more please post in comments

Lets start with some easy ones:

TTC=Trying To Conceive

LMP= Last Menstrual Period

BBT= Basal body temperature

AF =Aunt Flo (your period)

PG= Pregnant

2WW= 2 week wait (ie the time from ovulation to when your period is due)

POAS= Peeing On A Stick (commonly used in fertility groups )

BFN= Big fat negative

BFP= Big fat positive

SA= Sperm analysis

Now for some more medical fertility abbrevaitions:

IVF = In Vitro Fertilisation

AI =Artificial insemination

AIH Artificial insemination with husbands sperm

AID Artificial insemination with donor sperm

AR=Assisted Reproduction

ART=Assisted Reproduction Technology

U/S=Ultra Sound scan

HCG= Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (the pregnancy hormone that pregnancy tests detect)

LH= Luteinising Hormone (the LH surge occurs just before ovulation and is the hormone trigger to release the egg-this is the hormone that urine ovulation tests detect)

FSH=Follicle Stimulating Hormone (hormone that causes the egg follicle to develop)

CM= Cervical mucus

EWCM= Eggwhite cervical mucus  (fertile mucus) 

PCOS=PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome

PGD=Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (this means they take the eggs and test them for genetic disorders and only implant the healthly ones through IVF)

CVS Chorionic villae sampling

CVS= Chorionic Villus Sampling

ENDO= Endometriosis

If you know any more please post them in comments

Can Feng Shui & decluttering help you lose weight ?

Being overweight can affect your fertility adversely (as can being underweight).

Just read this great article online about how decluttering and a few simple lifestyle changes can help you to lose weight without having to go on a ‘diet’.

Click on link below to read this article

for help and motivation with decluttering 15 minutes at a time


Should I use a fertility lubricant and which one is best for me?

Here is a common question we are are asked

‘I am a bit confused!  I need a vaginal lubricant that is fertility friendly and as natural as possible.  I don’t know which to choose.’

If you need to apply the lubricant intravaginally or if you have low cervical mucus levels use Pre-Seed (Zestica Fertility is not currently available with intravaginal applicators)

If you just need the lubricant for foreplay and to apply to your partner then look at Zestica which is ideal for external application. Zestica Fertility will soon be available in intravaginal applicators
More info on Pre-Seed fertility friendly lubricant

To see full range of fertility friendly lubricants


Running on empty-how to fill yourself up

5 quick tips to fill yourself up :

1) Do something different-if you are at home all day-get out of the house for the day, if you at work all week plan some down time at home. If you look after young children all week plan some child free time-just do something different.

2) Go shopping with a girlfriend and have fun. Set yourself a budget & treat yourself to something that makes your feel glam-even if its just some dangly earrings, some pretty bangles or a scarf (the boho ethnic look is very big this season & there are lots of inexpensive ways to spice up your wardrobe by injecting a little boho chic)

3) Pamper yourself. Make time for a long bubble bath, shave your legs, do your nails, get the rough skin off your feet. You will feel gorgeous.

4) Read something you love-doe not matter what. Make the time this weekend to read a book or magazine. its raining this weekend in UK so perfect opportunity.

5) Have a special meal out with your significant other or to cook a special meal together (I prefer the meal out option-no dishes-the Tesco or M&S meal deals are nice and easy to cook at home)

Are you running on empty-feeling spent ?

Here are just a few tips taken from a new book, Spent: End Exhaustion and Feel Great Again that will help you to reset your body clock and rediscover your natural rhythm.

* Get some natural light during the day by going for a walk, preferably in nature.

* Keep a consistent daily schedule. Get up at the same time every day, regardless of what time you go to bed.

* Have an “electronic sundown”. At around 10 pm, turn off your computer, TV and all electronic equipment.

* Darken your room completely. That means covering or turning off any of the blinking or glowing lights from the alarm clock, the cell phone charger, the DVD clock and timer, etc. Each little bit of light can stop your melatonin levels from rising, which you need to induce sleep and to reach the deep restorative sleep your body requires. If you can’t darken your room, wear an eye mask.

* Eat in accordance to your body’s rhythms. Since your metabolism peaks at about noon, it is better for your body to have a bigger breakfast and lunch and smaller dinner. Eat good fats and protein for breakfast because that is what your body needs for fuel during the day. Healthy smoothies are a great way to get both of these into your diet. The typical sugar and carb-laden breakfast of a bagel, muffin, toast or sugary cereal are just about the worst things you can have; so avoid those at all costs.

Click on this link to find out more & to read the full article

Chemicals are ‘feminising’ unborn boys & may affect male fertility

Just read this article in Daily Mail online

Chemicals in food, cosmetics and cleaning products are ‘feminising’ unborn boys and raising their risk of cancer and infertility later in life, an expert warns today.

Professor Richard Sharpe, one of Britain’s leading reproductive biologists, says everyday substances are linked to soaring rates of birth defects and testicular cancer, and to falling sperm counts.

The government adviser’s report published today is the most detailed yet into the threat posed to baby boys by chemicals that block the action of the male sex hormone testosterone, or mimic the female sex hormone oestrogen.

Professor Sharpe says many could be harmless on their own – but warned that their cumulative effect could be devastating for developing foetuses and warned women trying for a child to avoid them.

‘You can’t do anything about chemicals in the environment but you can control what you expose a baby to through your lifestyle choices,’ he said.

Read the full article here

Access Diagnostics Fertility Newsletter

Access Diagnostics Newsletter May 2009

News from Access Diagnostics:

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New Product-Zestica Fertility Lubricant:

There is a great new personal lubricant for couples trying to conceive that has been show to not impede sperm. Many popular sexual lubricants can be harmful to sperm.The new lubricant is from British company Burdica.

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Final word from the editor

We really love to hear from you all, so keep the feedback coming.

If you have an idea for a fertility or TTC product that would help you out, or a fertility related subject you would like us to cover in our fertility blog do let us know either in comments or by e-mailing us at Access Diagnostics, and please do keep sharing your success stories with us.

Fertility talk while you get a manicure in USA

What a great idea! Hope this idea takes off in UK to.

Just read this great story online. The link was posted on Twitter.

DENVER — Martinis, manicures, and getting pregnant: the latest approach to talking sex and fertility isn’t happening in a doctor’s office, it’s in a nail salon near you.

Monday night, the drink of choice at Fingers and Toes nail salon in Denver was the “Fertilitini,” a non-alcoholic all-organic martini.

It’s part of a series of “Martini & Manicure” events being held across the country by the American Fertility Association

Here is link to read whole story

Changes to fertility services in Norfolk

Just read this stroy online at EDP (Eastern Daily Press)

Infertile women now faced with long journeys to London for treatment may soon have their lives made easier.

As a result of changes to fertility services in the East of England, a Norwich clinic has closed and some women have been told they will have to make repeat journeys to London for scans and in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

But there is a light on the horizon – the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn and Bourn Hall Clinic in Cambridge are in behind-the-scenes negotiations to bring an outreach clinic to Norfolk.

Read the full story at the EDP online

Are you feeling in a rut-lets spice things up by doing things differently

Sometimes life can get monotonous, and we all need to change things around a bit.

The best example of this is in our diets-so many of us eat the same things week in week out-this can get kind of boring, but it is easy which is why we do it.

I am going to post some simple & inexpensive ideas later for doing things differently, that help to give us a boost and get us out of our comfortable little ruts, and will help to bring your va va voom back.

  • buy a different magazine or newspaper this week
  • start listening to a different radio program
  • listen to different music-borrow a new cd from friend or library
  • try some differnet food-something you would not usually eat
  • go somewhere new
  • take the scenic route to work
  • try a new sport
  • do something creative that you do not normal do-garden, paint, draw, pottery, plant a lovely summer container up
  • go to a live sports event & watch
  • do something in your home -touch up your paintwork, redecorate, paint the garden furniture, clear ou the garage, do some diy, re-arrange a room, read a feng shui book & implement something from it. Do something you would not normally do
  • do something for charity-have a big closet clearout & donate to charity, donate all the books you have read, go and help at a local charity
  • start a journal, blog or diary
  • write a story, any subject, any length
  • exercise-do something different-swimming, tennis, badmington, squash, go for a run, walk a neighbours dog
  • go to the cinema to see a new film by yourself or with a girlfriend
  • contact a long lost friend or relation
  • go shopping somewhere different
  • go to a museum, art gallery or exhibition
  • shift:sit in a different place to your usual one.(at mealtimes, in meeting, in the lounge, anywhere you have a habitual place to sit)
  • broken friendships-make the first move to repair the damage
  • ride a bike
  • play a childs game-garden cricket is great fun at this time of year, short tennis. monopoly
  • learn to meditate-get a cd, try yoga, read a book on relaxation
  • drive less aggressively

These ideas are taken from the book ‘The No Diet Do Something Different Diet’

For more info on the no diet diet click on link below

Fertility research-biologist’s discovery could help solve infertility

Breaking fertility research news from USA

A biologist at Wichita State University has made a breakthrough discovery about human reproductive hormones that scientists say could give women worldwide new hope in solving fertility problems.

Fertility News-Woman denied fertility treatment because husband has children

 Just been given this link below and read this alarming article at

A woman has been denied fertility treatment on the NHS because her husband has children from a previous relationship.

Janine Macallister, 27, from Newport, in Shropshire, should be entitled to IVF treatment under national guidance but has been told by her local health service that she is not eligible.

Fertility charities fear that an increasing number of couples are experiencing similar discrimination due to the inconsistent approach of primary care trusts.

Click on link below to read full article online at

‘Babies on Hold’ as recession bites

Just given this link on Twitter to an interesting story in USA about how recession is affecting couples trying to conceive there. Remember most health care in US is private

‘The recession has hit young people hard. It’s forcing prospective parents to consider which should come first – their bank accounts or their biological clocks’

Are we neglecting male fertility issues ?

Just read an interesting article  at BBC online by Dr Allan Pacey who is a fertility expert at the University of Sheffield in which he gives his personal viewpoint on male fertility issues. 

Around one in six couples experience fertility problems at some point in their lives and seek advice from a doctor.Tests show that between 30% to 50% of problems are with the male partner. During any one year, millions of men throughout the world struggle to father children, and many more may not be aware of a fertility problem because they have not yet decided to start a family. Others may realise there is a problem and simply give up trying. Of the many reasons why a man may not be able to father a child the most common is that he simply does not produce enough sperm, or that the sperm he does ejaculate are of poor quality. In some European countries, such as Denmark, it has been estimated that up to 25% of young men have poor semen quality. A worry is whether this proportion has increased in recent years, and whether today’s men are as fertile as their fathers were.

Read the full article here

Click here for information or to buy home male fertility tests to screem sperm count & sperm motility

How do you cope with your PMT ?

I have just had a really bad dose of PMT. I knew it was building up all week as I could feel myself getting irritable over minor stuff that would normally wash over me at other times of the month. Yesterday I was particularly bad, and snappy,  bursting into tears at the smallest thing.

Do you get PMT ?

If so read on for some tips on recognising it, coping with it, lessoning it & dealing wit the fall out afterwards.

Common symptoms of PMT

About a week before I am due on I notice the following:

Breast heaviness, discomfort & extreme tenderness-I have found wearing my most comfortable & supportive bra at this tim of the month helps. If you are big busted, this is not the time of month for the lacy plunge bras or balcony bras. Save the sexy lingerie for the first half of your cycle and when you are ovulating. I have found that a comfortable & supportive bra at in the pre-menstrual time helps reduce the breast symptoms. Also warn your significant other that your breasts are a little tender at this time of the month, so he will take care to be gentle with them.

Acheing in my legs-when I am pre-menstrual my veins in my legs ache. They do not do this at any other time of the month. The symptoms are similar to when I was heavily pregnant. I have only had these leg symptoms as I have got older, so they may be a sign that my veins are struggling to cope at this time of the month. I have noticed the leg acheing is much worse if I am desk bound, so I try to make sure I get up from my desk frequently and do something active. I set a timer to remind me as I get so engrossed when I am working.

Fluid retention-my rings get very tight pre-menstrually. This is a very common symptom many women experience. The extra fluid usually disappears quickly once the period starts. Some people belive the fluid retention may account for ome of the irritability that women experience pre-menstrually.

Irritability-boy can we be snappy when we have PMT. If you have several women in the house they often synchronise with their menstrual cycles so that they are all pre-menstrual at the same time. The guys in those households have to keep their heads down when it is PMT time ! My brother has 3 teenage daughters ! In my experience the irritability is the hardest thing to cope with as we can be irritable with our loved ones and say or do things we regret later. I have found it is best to warn family members & friends when I have PMT & apolgise quickly if I am rude or snappy with them.

Good news-I have found exercise is great for dealing with the irritability and my sports ability increases when I am pre-menstraul. Any active sport helps -racket sports are great for me

Depressed mood and tearfullness

This is a common symptom experiences by many women. Luckily I only notice this in the couple of days before the period starts. It helps to know it is just the PMT and that it passes quickly for most women. Stress or illness can make this worse. At this time of the month i like to wallow in a good weepy film.

How do you use Pre-Seed ?

Pre-Seed sperm friendly lubricant for couples trying to conceive is now available in 2 options:

  • The original Pre-Seed in pre-filled applicators (available in 6 and 3 applicator packs)
  • the  New Pre-Seed multi-use 40g tubes with refillable applicators (approx 8 applications per 40g tube)

The Pre-Seed is designed to be placed deep within the vagina allowing for the “sperm-friendly” intimate moisture to coat the vagina, and external cervix, providing moisture where it is most needed, and mimicing cervical mucus.

Based on experience with Pre Seed, the staff at INGfertility recommends application of Pre~Seed around 15 minutes prior to when you begin love making. It works well to apply Pre~Seed while sitting on the toilet or squatting. After depositing the tube contents as directed, excess PreSeed can be wiped off the vulva, and spontaneous enjoyment of trying to conceive can begin!

Click here for more info on Pre-Seed or to buy Pre-Seed

Do you want more intimacy with your man ?

Then don’t take him clothes shopping

This bank holiday Monday I visited Fosse park (along with half the county) which is a huge out of city shopping centre just on edge of Leicester. It has great shops, but boy was it busy.

I was in the enormous M & S having left my other half in the Costa coffee with his ipod. While shopping I noticed how many miserable looking men were being dragged round M& S, and being asked every few minutes ‘do you think this would suit me ‘ as there wife or girlfriend held up yet another dress, top or skirt. The look of abject misery & boredom on these poor guys faces was so obvious to any onlooker-why can’t us wives and girlfriends see it ?! I smiled to myself, as I realised that there was unlikely to be any intimacy or hanky panky between those couples that night, and the atmosphere was likely to be quite chilly. I thanked my lucky stars that there had been a Costa for dh to hang out in, and that he had brought his ipod (god he loves that thing)

I only recently learned not to take my dh shopping with me when I want to look at clothes for me. It dawned on me it was not fun for either of us, and we often argued afterwards.  He hates the whole process, and was simply humouring me. My moment of epiphany came when I started to go shopping with a girlfriend- it is so much more fun to shop with another women and such a relief to my dh. us gilrs can try on 20 items and end up buying none but we still have a huge amount of fun. This for most men is like having their toenails pulled out one by one-simply torture !

Next time you are in the womens department of a big store on a weekend or bank holiday , take a look at the men’s faces and you will see what I mean. I pity those poor men sat outside the M & S or John Lewis changing rooms.

Come on girls, take pity on your men folk-go shopping with a girlfriend, and leave the guys at home in peace

Did you have some fun in the bedroom this weekend ? Are you taking care of you ?

Hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend despite the rain on Monday.

This week we are going to focus on you.

Are you making time to love yourself ?

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Am I taking my folic acid ? (if trying to conceive or in early pregnancy)

2) Am I getting enough sleep ? Rest is so important for our health, brains & bodies. It is like recharging a battery. A good nights sleep makes such a difference to your well being. Try to get at least 8 hours sleep every night. Avoid staying up late watching tv-it will all be repeated or you catch up on iplayer. Added bonus is you will have more sex & bettter sex if you go to bed early.

3) Am I taking care of my health needs ? Do I need to book a dental check, drs appt, smear test etc. it is best to get all these things done now. stop procrastinating.

4) Am I eating healthy food ? Your body deserves to have good food as fuel. Make sure you eat plenty of fruit & veg. cut down on the junk-you are just hurting you.

5) Am I exercising regularly ? You dont need to join a gym-just move more. Exercise releases happy chemicals (similar to sex in some ways) which improve your happiness & health in lots of ways. Get more active in all sorts of ways. You could even try being more active in the bedroom, instead of just lying there ! Walking is great exercise & costs nothing. Walk every day, even if its just round the block. Get active when you are watching tv-iron while you watch tv, or every time the ads come on, get up and do something-tidy up, put a load of laundrey on, get in your jammies, just do something.

6) Am I making time for self care ? Do you need to schedule a hair appt? Take time to do nice things for your self-book a manicure or pedicure or do one at home-they are really easy. Make time every day to take care of you. The little things make such a difference-just washing your hair and taking the time to blow dry it makes you feel good.

Makeing time for fun & games in the bedroom

What can you do to spice up your sex life and put some fun into trying to conceive

 I will post some ideas later

Post your ideas in comments

Ok I,m back-here goes

Here are my ideas for putting some va va voom back into the bedroom

Ideas for the bedroom itself-think sanctuary

1) Take the tv out of the bedroom-you want him to be looking at you not the sports channel-the only exception to this rule is if you are watching erotica together in bed

2) Take the computer out of the bedroom– if he is on his laptop in bed this is a definite no no for a sexy time-especially if he is working. You both need to relax before sleep and working on the computer late at night does not prepare the mind and body for sex or sleep-trust me I know this from personal experience

3) Make your bedroom a sanctuary for both of you-no piles of laundrey waiting to be put away or ironing board left out ! It should be a haven of peace and tranquility-for sex and sleep only !

4) Put some clean bedding on the bed-clean bedding smells so lovely & it feels great on your skin

5) Put some nice music on-I personally like the soundtrack from the film Notting Hill-it works every time-don’t ask me why. This is purely personal-but a soundtrack helps, choose one thats right for you

6) Turn the lighting down-halogen ceiling spotlights are not conducive to romance in my experience-gentle side lighting is much kinder-the hallogens show even the tiniest bit of cellulite up !

Ideas for you girls-think seductress

Preparation and spontanaity is key in my opinion. Now this may seem a contradiction in terms but bear with me, & I will explain:

1) Seduce him-rather than say to your guy-‘I’m ovulating and we ought to have sex tonight’ try seducing him-much more fun, and it will seem more spontaneous. No one likes being told what to do and this way is far more natural.

2) Preperation is key-have a long luxurious bubble bath before hand. Shave your legs , armpits etc. wash and condition your hair. Use a facial & or body scrub so your skin is glowing. Read or listen to chill out music in the bath to relax. Quite often a good chick novel can put you in the mood. (I must admit I like to have a bath every night-once you start it is quite addictive. The relaxation & pampering make you feel great. Added bonus is if your other half is feeling amorous your also feeling gorgeous & smelling great )

3) Dress seductively after your bath-make sure you have at least one sexy nightie in your drawer-it works every time-pyjamas just do not have the same effect-trust me on this. Apply some sexy nail polish to your toenails in red or shocking pink. Ditch the fluffy bathrobe & slippers unless it is really, really cold. Have a light spritz of perfume-not too much mind-you will be smelling great already after the bath-dont want to over do it !

4) Act seductively-after your bath apply body lotion to your legs, hands and feet. Do this in front of him making sure to do it as sexily as possible, even while he is watching TV-don’t laugh. Body langauge is very important in seduction. The message you are sending to your other half is that you are available for sex, and you do not have to say a word. You may think he is not watching you, but he is-I promise.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my ideas. Post your ideas in comments.

Phew think that is enough for today-next time we will talk about what you guys out there can do, the importance of early nights, how what you watch on tv can affect the quality of sex, sex toys & sex lubes etc