New Fertility lubricant causing a buzz in the fertility world

A new fertility lubricant is causing a lot of excitement in the fertility world.

The new sperm friendly lube has been developed by Scottish company Burdica.

Information from the Burdica website :

This patent pending formula has undergone several clinical trials comparing the only other fertility lubricant “Pre-Seed” and In-Vitro-Fertilisation medium used in IVF Clinics. During the trials HySeed outperformed both competing products and IVF medium for sperm motility giving “trying to conceive” (TTC) couples a better chance. The lubricant is made using Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a natural molecule (non-animal sourced) already produced in the body. HySeed is odourless and gentle to the touch: couples who have used HySeed report an enjoyable “natural” experience.

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