Stress busting tips for a relaxing weekend

As its nearly the weekend I feel in need of a little pampering & relaxation so am going to post my best stress bsuting tips here.

1) Get yourself some flowers-at this time of year the gardens and verges are full of spring bulbs and they are available everywhere to buy. Daffodils are such cheery happy flowers I can’t help but smile when I see them, and smiling is good for us. Fresh flowers really lift the spirits

2) Get out in the sunshine and walk this weekend. Fresh air, exercise and daylight is great for our bodies and minds, especially if you have been cooked up in an office all week. The forcast for Saturday looks good so get out and enjoy the sunshine.

3) Have breakfast in bed and read magazines or books with your significant other-dream a little, plan your next holiday or project together

4) Plan to have a romantic meal together-cook something special or go out. It does not have to be dinner-you could do it for breakfast, brunch or lunch. There is a little cafe near us that does lovely sunday breakfasts of toasted bagels with scambled eggs and salmon-yummy

4) Treat yourself to a magazine or book-maybe something different to what you would normally choose and just escape into it. I love charity shops-they are a great resource for finding books and when you have finished reading them you can donate them back to the shop or pass them onto a friend

5) Pamper yourself with a manicure or pedicure. (or go for it and do both) This is easy & inexpensive to do at home or you could splash out and have a professional one. You will be amazed at how good you feel when you see you neatly groomed and polished nails-it will make you smile evry time you see them

6) Watch a great film-my favourites are romantic comedies-I love to laugh-did you know laughter releases endorphins-the happy chemicals. I recently went to see the Shopaholic film at the cinema with a friend-it was great-a real feel good film

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