Can home pregnancy tests be wrong ?

Just been asked this very question

I did a pregnancy test recently and it was positive, then 2 days after I did another one just to verify and it said negative ! What does this mean ? Can the pregnancy test be wrong ?

Possible explanations for getting a positive home pregnancy test followed by a negative

1) You may have made a mistake interpreting the test

This is more common than you may think. Pregnancy tests should not be left for too long before reading the result. Make sure you read the instructions and use a timer if possible. we all have busy lives & it is so easy to get side tracked (for example by the phone, the postman or the computer or just life in general) while waiting for the pregnancy test result and then read it too late.

You can not interpret a positive home pregnancy tests result that appears outside of the test time. If this happens the pregnancy test should be discarded and another test performed (ideally on a first morning urine sample-hcg usually more concentrated)

On some home pregnancy tests if the test is left too long a faint line can appear due to the dried urine on the test. This is known by many as an ‘evaporation line’ & can cause confusion .

 If you have concerns about interpreting the results of the home pregnancy test then go for a brand with a digital readout such as the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

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2) False positive pregnancy test.

Possible causes of a false positive on a home pregnancy tests are:

  • recent miscarriage
  • some hormone treatments used for infertility treatments eg hcg injections. If you are having fertility treatments check with your clinic as to whether these can cause a false positive on a pregnancy test
  • recent pregnancy (ie postnatally)

3) You have had a very early pregnancy that was picked up on the pregnancy test but has sadly failed.  This is known as a ‘chemical pregnancy’

Home pregnancy tests now detect very low levels of hcg so these very early failed pregnancies are now picked up more often. This is quite common. Often the pregnancy test is positive before we have even missed a period. In our mothers day they would not even have known they were pregnant. This can be one of the down side to testing before you have missed your period.

How long should I take Pregnacare for ?

How long do I take Pregnacare for ?

My currently pregnant friend (lucky girl) who is 11 weeks pregnant with her first child is taking Pregnacare vitamins and she has recently seen in 2 magazines to stop stop taking folic acid at 12 weeks

 She asked me ‘is this right or can I keep on taking pregnacare right up to the birth ?’

 Knowing that I spend a lot of time reading up on these things online she thought I would be able to advise.

Simple answer to the question is yes, Pregnacare has been designed to be taken by pregnant women throughout their pregnancy and not just for the first 12 weeks. In fact some women continue to take it after the pregnancy and while breast feeding.

For more detailed answer see below

There are now 4 pregnacare products for different stages of your pregnancy journey

  • Pregnacare Conception
  • pregnacare Original
  • Pregnacre Plus
  • Pregnacare Breastfeeding

Here is what I find out about Pregnacare from the manufacturers website:

Pregnacare® is the UK’s most trusted range of supplements, specially formulated for before conception, throughout pregnancy and whilst breast-feeding. Each product has been carefully developed based on the latest scientific research, and provides key nutrients to safeguard the health of mum and baby.

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Instead Soft Cups-can they help you to conceive ?

One of my ttc friends has just tried using these to help her conceive. Idea is that the instead cup helps to hold sperm close to the cervix. She inserted the cup immediately after intercourse (while she was still lying down in fact-sounds a wee bit tricky to me but I’m willing to try anything once)

She has been using the instead cups for her periods so is pretty adept at using them. This is the first month she has tried this so I will let you know how she gets on. She also inserted pre seed lubricant prior to sex .

She then inserted the instead cup  (while lying down !) using a small amount of pre-seed to lubricate the cup and stayed in bed. In the morning she removed instead cup. So cross fingers.

I will let you know how she gets on

 She has also heard of people also using them to actually insert the sperm ! Not really sure why though

Click here for more information or to buy instead cups in UK

p.s Just had a thought-if you have had a success using instead cups while trying to conceive please post your success story in comments

p.p.s While researching more information on the instead cup fertility as a fertility aid, I just found this interesting question and answer session about Instead Cups on the manufacturers website:


 I am trying to get pregnant. Would inserting an INSTEAD® Softcup® Immediately after intercourse help trap sperm in place to help increase the probability that I get pregnant?


INSTEAD, Inc. has not studied the post-intercourse placement of an INSTEAD® Softcup® as a method to help improve the probability of conception. The use of the Softcup® as a pregnancy aid has not been cleared by the FDA.

Click here to visit the Instead cups question and answer session-the trying to conceive question is at the bottom of the page