Another PreSeed Success Story-well done PreSeed-we love you

Found this heart warming PreSeed Testimonial on the manufacturers website and wanted to share it with you

Dear Preseed,  I highly recommend this product to people trying to conceive. I thought I could not get pregnant after being with my husband for eight years. We were not trying but we decided we wanted to give it a shot around the end of 2007. We tried for at least six months and nothing. So were thinking one of us has an issue. So I looked online on how to conceive, did a lot of research and I found Preseed! Sure enough after the second tube of lube I became pregnant! We now have a very healthy baby girl. She was born Nov. 20th 2008 weighing 7 pounds. She is three months now and she weighs 16lbs!! Thanks Preseed for the spark we needed! ~ J.S, Richmond, CA 12/3/09

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