Am I pregnant ?

You know the situation.

Your period is late and you have done a pregnancy test but it is negative-what does this mean ?

How soon should I repeat the pregnancy test ?

My cycle is fairly erratic anything from 21 days to 35 days which means I go through this fairly regularly. My DH is thoroughly fed up and just rolls his eyes every time I do a pregnancy test. I keep a stock of early pregnancy test strips in my bathroom cupboard.

I used to be really organised and keep track of my periods in my diary. As I have got older they have become more irregular and unpredictable so I dont bother anymore, as I found it just added to my stress.

Anyway here is how I handle the situation of  ‘negative pregnancy test and no period’

I wait at least 48 hours before I repeat the pregnancy test. The pregnancy hormone hcg (human chorionic gonadotrophin)  doubles approximately every 48 hours in a viable early pregnancy.

When I do retest I use an ultra sensitive early home pregnancy test that can detect really low levels of hcg. If the second test is negative which it nearly always is for me, I assume that it is probably just a late period and that I must have ovulated late. I wait another few days and if still no period I usually repeat the test. I generally carry on like this until my period starts or I get a positive pregnancy test.

When performing the pregnancy tests it is best to do them on your first morning urine sample as this is usually more concentrated.

I really should write down in my diary when I ovulate-would save a lot of stress later in the month.

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