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What are professional pregnancy tests ?

Professional pregnancy tests are pregnancy tests that have been manufactured for use by health professionals. They are for end users only including clinics, hospitals, doctors, nurses, GP’s, practioners, research labs, universities, charities, school nurses etc

How are professional pregnancy tests different to home pregnancy tests ?

Professional pregnancy tests are usually supplied in either bulk pack cartons in which each test is individually foil wrapped,  or in resealable cannisters in which the test strips are not individually wrapped.

The shelf life on the test strips in the cannisters once opened is usually 3 months. Unopened they have a much longer shelf life, often 2 years

The cartons usually contain 40 or 50 individual pregnancy tests and one set of instructions. The cannisters usually contain 25 pregnancy test strips and one set of instructions.

What type of pregnancy test is a professional pregnancy test ?

Professional pregnancy tests come in a range of formats to suit the healthcare professional needs:

1) The midstream professional pregnancy test in which the user urinates directly onto the test (similar to the popular home pregnancy test high street brands) This format of pregnancy test is usually the more expensive as they cost more to manufacture and are bulkier.

2) The cassette format professional pregnancy test requires the user to perform a urine sample into a container. each test kit contains a small pipette which is then user by the healthcare professional testing the sample to draw the urine up into. The pipette is then used to drop the required number of drops into a small well on the cassette, from which the urine runs up the test strip contained within the cassette. The advantages of the cassette in a healthcare setting is that it can be easily labelled where multiple tests may be performed simultaneously on different patients, for example in a hopsital clinic or lab.

3) The professional pregnancy test strip is the simplest test as it is just a test strip that is dipped directly into a urine sample. It is also the cheapest  pregnancy test format as there is very little packaging. It is ideal for use in healthcare settings where one test is being performed at a time and is therefore ideal for GP surgeries, school nurses, A&E departments . They are available either in a cannister or individually wrapped

How sensitive are professional pregnancy tests ?

Professional pregnancy tests come in a range of sensitivities. The most popular sensitivities in the UK are the 25mIU and the 10mIU pregnancy tests. This means that this is the lowest level of hcg that the pregnancy test can detect. The lower the number the more sensitive the pregnancy test ie a 10mIU pregnancy test will detect pregnancy earlier than a 25mIU test

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