Lets do something nice for ourselves today girls

I always find February one of those months when I need a perk up.

This winter seems to have gone on a long time. Ideally we could all probably do with a 2 weeks in the sun somewhere lovely ideally with long white sandy beaches, being waited on.

If like me your budget does not stretch to that, then there are simpler & cheaper way to give yourself a much needed boost.

Here are my ideas & suggestions for getting a holiday feeling at this time of year

1) make the most of any sunshine we do get

  • walk outside on sunny days even if its just for 15 minutes & leave those sunglasses at home.We need to see the sun at this time of year in UK.
  • If its snowy get out and have some fun in the snow-who needs a sking holiday, not me. If you have kids take them sledging, build a snow man, have a snow ball fight-it is such fun. Get in touch with your inner child

2) Get some exercise

  • do some aerobic exercise-swim, run, cycle, gym, walk briskly,take a class-just get your heart pumping. the feel good hormones released (endorphins)will make you feel so great
  • sex is great exercise and certainly releases those feel good hormones if your doing it right

3) Pamper Yourself

  • treat yourself to a home facial or if the finances stretch to it go to a salon, lets brighten up our grey winter complexions.use a facial scrub to remove dead skin cells and give yourself a healthy glow
  • give yourself a home manicure & pedicure & the apply hand & foot cream. i always feel so much better when my hands look good & cared for-it won’t be long before were wearing sandals( I promise) so lets get our feet looking pretty now. Get rid of all that dry cracked skin
  • lets shave our legs, underarms etc. if your finances stretch to it you could get a waxing done. I feel so much sexier with hairless legs & underarms.
  • moisturise, moisturise, moisturise-at this time of year our skin can get very dry-too much time spent in doors with central heating & cold weather and little sun. Aplly moisturisers morning and evening. I love to apply body butter to my feet after my bath in the evening & the put my fluffy bed socks on-I wake up with lovely soft feet
  • get your hair done-nothing picks me up like having my colour done. Consider having a colour or restyle. Try something new
  • tidy up those eyebrows-the weirwolf look does not suit anyone. If you can’t face doing them your self, go to a salon. It is quick, easy and cheap to have it done and in my opinion worth every penny. You will look so much more alert and then you can usually keep on top of them yourself for several months after.

Make time to relax

  • enjoy a long soak in the bath in the evening. it helps to relax you ready for sleep. I like to use scented bubble baths,and light candles
  • enjoy a good read-we often read on holiday so why not do it at home. I like to read chick lit in the bath every night-pure escapism
  • listen to relaxing music or a relaxation cd-make a playlist of your favourite chill out songs
  • watch favourite films-whatever is your favourite-I personally favour chick flicks-I will put some film recomendations in another post. I love to watch film on a sunday afternoon in winter with a blazing fire and a pot of tea & home baked cakes-yum. i also like to watch films in the evnings-I find all the adds on commercial tv so stressful
  • avoid watching the news if you want to relax-they so rarely report good news