Pre lubricant multi use now in larger flip top tubes

Just read this on Dr E’s blog from this January (Dr E developed the range of PreSeed and Pre sperm friendly lubricants) 

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What many have been waiting for!  We now have Pre’ multi-use, flip- top tubes  in a larger size (3.6 oz) 

 Pre’ is mild enough for any moment in the circle of life.  It is our same isotonic, mild formula as in Pre-Seed, but for external application only.  Our formula is recommended and used by clinics all over the world focusing on fertility procedures, menopause changes and pelvic pain disorders.  Now you can decide what packaging you prefer, Pre’ in a pretty flip-top tube for external application, or Pre-Seed with its intravaginal applicators to moisturize deep inside.  We do recommend the internal application of Pre-Seed when couples are trying to conceive, although I use Pre-Seed internally for “old lady” fun especially during drier times.  In fact, Dh and I mix and match between the external Pre’ and the internal Pre-Seed depending on how we are expressing our selves any given time.  

To try this yourselves at home

Dr. E  

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