Guys what have you got planned for your significant other for Valentines Day ?

Dont tell yourself it doesn’t matter and she is not bothered.

Its not true-she is bothered. 

You will earn so many brownie points if you do something special for her

Ideas us girls love:

Cut flowers allways go down well and make us feel really pampered

Favourite box of chocolates-not too big a box though or she will just feel guilty for eating them all if she is anything like me

Dinner for two out at a fancy restaurant-lets face it ,an evening off cooking, washing and tidying up is great

Cook a romantic meal for her-I love when my dh cooks for us-he is a great cook

An item of jewellery she covets always goes down well

Hire a romantic film to watch together-Sex and the City is great if she has not already seen it

Give her a cd of love songs or even better compile a romantic playlist for her on itunes

Really nice toiletries or perfume beautifully wrapped & presented

Use your imagination. This does not have to be difficult or expensive, and the credit you will get for it is so worth the expense and effort.

You know what she loves-you can do it. Have fun making her happy-you will be so glad you did

Girls-what have you got planned for Valentines day ?

I have just booked a table for DH and myself to go out for dinner just the two of us for a romantic meal.

Just hoping his cold gets better !

 My thinking was a long hot soak in tub before we go out for both of us, dress to impress (sexy underwear-the works), romantic candelit  dinner & wine for two, and then home for an early night and some loving.

I have got him a small valentines gift which is a dvd of his favourite comedian-they do say laughter is the best medicine (we will get rid of that cold)

Plan something special for your sweetie, to show them how much you love and appreciate them.

If you want to buy yourself a little gift for valentines day that will help you understand your other half better I can highly reccomend the ‘men are from mars women are from venus’ books by John Gray. I love them and find they help me to understand my dh & vice versa. I have most of them on my ipod as a audiobook.

Whatever you decide to do for valentines day-be kind to each other and show your sweetie how much you love and appreciate him

Pre lubricant multi use now in larger flip top tubes

Just read this on Dr E’s blog from this January (Dr E developed the range of PreSeed and Pre sperm friendly lubricants) 

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What many have been waiting for!  We now have Pre’ multi-use, flip- top tubes  in a larger size (3.6 oz) 

 Pre’ is mild enough for any moment in the circle of life.  It is our same isotonic, mild formula as in Pre-Seed, but for external application only.  Our formula is recommended and used by clinics all over the world focusing on fertility procedures, menopause changes and pelvic pain disorders.  Now you can decide what packaging you prefer, Pre’ in a pretty flip-top tube for external application, or Pre-Seed with its intravaginal applicators to moisturize deep inside.  We do recommend the internal application of Pre-Seed when couples are trying to conceive, although I use Pre-Seed internally for “old lady” fun especially during drier times.  In fact, Dh and I mix and match between the external Pre’ and the internal Pre-Seed depending on how we are expressing our selves any given time.  

To try this yourselves at home

Dr. E  

New Home Chlamydia Test Clamelle launched

Great news this test pack offer everything you need for a totally CONFIDENTIAL home chlamydia test.
Even better news Chlamelle involves no swabs & is totally pain free.

 Clamelle is a complete self test for screening for non symtomatic chlamydia in men and women.
Each Chlamelle pack Contains: urine sample bottle, transport container, plastic sample bag, pre-paid padded envelope & full instructions.

Results available and posted directly to you in less than 7 days

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