Midstream Ovulation Tests-What are the advantages ?

What is a midstream ovulation test ?

A midstream ovulation test is a simple to use urine test for the detction of the LH surge. In a midstream Lh test the test strip is encased in a long plastic case.

 The midstream format of ovulation test is very simple and popular because the tester is not required to collect a urine sample prior to do the test.

They are usually packaged in boxes of 5 or 7 midstream ovulation tests.

How do I do a midstream ovulation test ?

 The midstream test is performed during urination by simply holding the test pad in the urine stream for the specified time and then reading the result after a couple of minutes. The times vary from test to test so the instructions should always be followed for the specific brand of test that you are using.

Are midstream ovulation tests more expensive than strips or cassettes ?

Yes. The midstream test is encased in a large plastic casing meaning that the tests cost more to manufacture. Some of the midstream tests also have a digital reader giving a definite ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’ result which also adds to the cost but makes interpretation of the test very easy.

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