Is there a secret to staying madly in love ?

Scientists think so.  I just read this article online and wanted to share it with you.

 Here is an extract from the article:

Despite our deep need for lifelong love, scientists have done little to study the phenomenon.

One survey of 50 couples married for 55 years, in the International Journal of Ageing and Human Development, says that they most value Independence, commitment, companionship and caring.

But political skills may play a big role, too. John Gottoman, a Washington University psychologist, told the American Association for the Advancement of Science how his study of 600 couples created a 94 per cent true test of love’s longevity: the ratio of positive to negative comments during a row (i.e. “that’s a good point, dear”, versus “you idiot”). Positive words must outnumber the negative by five to one. Below this, trouble looms.

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