How much oily fish should I eat when trying to conceive or pregnant ?

The debate about oily fish continues.

I just read this interesting question and answer article on this very subject from the Times Nutrtionist

Here is an extract from the article:

The whole oily fish debate is a bit of a minefield. The one basic rule for child-bearing women is not to eat more than two servings of oily fish a week. A serving is around 140g raw and 170g cooked weight.

This is because, although oily fish gives us omega-3 (two servings give us around 3g), which is essential for the healthy development of a baby’s brain, sadly, our polluted waterways and oceans mean that these same fish have accumulated toxins in their bodies known as dioxins and PCBs.

When we eat the oily fish, we eat these pollutants, which build up in our bodies and can be harmful to a developing baby. Although you cannot change the levels of dioxins and PCBs already in your body, you can avoid consuming too many more by sticking to these guidelines.

Not so long ago, this was pretty much all you had to remember and you could eat what you liked of white fish. Unfortunately, recently surveys have found that sea bream, turbot, halibut, huss and sea bass as well as crab may also have similar levels of dioxins and PCBs as oily fish, so you need to include these in your two servings a week.

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