Signs of Ovulation-Cervical Mucus Changes

I think I’m  ovulating -how can I tell ?

Cervical mucus is clear, sticky & kind of stringy just before ovulation-this is called Spinbarkeit mucus (I think-I will check spelling later) and signifies the most fertile time of the cycle. This slippery  stretchy cervical mucus resembles uncooked egg whites.

It is this clear, wet & stringy ‘egg-white type’ cervical  mucus, which helps the sperm move freely from the vagina, through the cervix, and into the uterus in search of an newly released egg. This is the most fertile time in a woman’s cycle.

p.s I looked it up online and it looks like this fertile cervical mucus is called Spinbarkeit mucus although I found a couple of different spellings-not sure which was in right.

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