What brands of ovulation microscope are available in UK, and what are the differences ?

Ovatel Ovulation Microscope

Ovatel is a simply designed plastic saliva ovulation detector microscope that requires no batteries, with 54x magnification .
Ovatel uses natural back light for viewing. The Ovatel ovulation microscope is 98% accurate.

Calista Ovulation Microscope

The Calista saliva ovulation microscope is 98% accurate. Each Calista is supplied with batteries.

Calista Ovulation Microscope has a  powerful 67X magnification lens.

Babystart Focus Ovulation Microscope

The Babystart Focus ovulation microscope is 98% accurate. Each babystart Focus Ovulation Microscope is supplied batteries.

Babystart Focus looks just like a quality metal case lipstick.

Babystart Focus Ovulation Microscope has a  50X magnification lens.

Donna Saliva Ovulation Microscope

The Donna Saliva Ovulation Microscope is 98% accurate.

The Donnna ovulation microscope has a 68X Power Magnification lens

ISIS Ovulation Microscope

The ISIS ovulation microscope is 99% accurate. Auto on/off light function via a photo electric cell in the barrel

Easy to change batteries. 60x lens magnification.  Quality metal/enamel case that looks just like lipstick.

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