New UK research on possible effects of small amounts of alcohol consumed during pregnancy

This surprising article below was from yesterdays Telegraph. Here is an extract from the article below. The Department of Health last year advised women trying to conceive or who are pregnant that they should avoid alcohol completely, so this new research findingĀ is interesting in the light of this.

Drinking a small glass of wine a week during pregnancy does not harm children and may actually improve their behaviour and vocabulary, British scientists have found.

Conflicting guidance has been issued by different health agencies to women about whether it is safe to drink small quantities of alcohol during pregnancy.

There has been little evidence of harm to the unborn child of drinking small amounts, but many experts feel this cannot be proven conclusively so it is better to be ‘safe than sorry’ and not drink at all.

Researchers at University College London studied data from 12,500 three-year-old children, looking at their mother’s drinking patterns during pregnancy and assessment of the behavioural and mental capacity for thinking and learning.

They found that children born to women who said they drank ‘a glass of wine’ very occasionally or up to two drinks once a week throughout pregnancy were less likely to have conduct problems, hyperactivity and emotional problems than children of abstainers.

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The research is published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

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