New Fertility Supplement from Sanatogen-Sanatogen Pro-Natal His and Hers

Sanatagen have launched a new fertility supplement for men and women. The new supplement offers excellent value for money for couples trying to conceive.

The new fertility supplement is called Sanatogen Pro-Natal His and Hers

Sanatogen ProNatal® His & Hers helps to ensure you are both getting the essential nutrients you may need whilst trying for a baby.

For Her: A scientifically proven multivitamin with folic acid 30 tablets

For Him: A specifically designed supplement with key nutrients such as Zinc, to help maintain a healthy reproductive system 30 tablets

It’s not always easy to get all the right vitamins and minerals through diet alone whilst trying to conceive, so why not try a ProNatal supplement. Knowing which supplement and multivitamin to take before, during and after pregnancy can be confusing. Try taking an all in one combined supplement tailor made for men and women such as Sanatogen ProNatal His & Hers.

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