Home Male Fertility Test

Home male fertility test kits have been available to buy for nearly 5 years. Male fertility test kits start from under £20 and offer the user all the convenience of a complete home test with results in under half and hour.

We think the best of the bunch is FertilityScore as this tests both the sperm count and screens the motility of the sperm present. Without a test for motility, the sample count may be good, but the fertility poor, with many dead or inactive sperm which will never result in a pregnancy.

All tests work to the WHO recommended count of 20 million sperm per ml . Above this level is considered high enough to result in pregnancy normally. A sperm count of less than 20million/ml is considered low, and male fertility may be reduced and conception take longer, even if the motility is 100%.

FertilityScore is also the only test which works on the complete ejaculate. This is important as sperm clumping and other inconsistencies can affect the result, if only a sample of the male ejaculate is collected for testing.

FertilityScore also includes 2 complete tests. The tests are performed at 7 to 10 day intervals. Again the importance of this is that the count and quality of sperm in ejaculates varies. It is therfore vital to test at least 2 samples over a period of time, to determine that a healthy fertile count is being achieved and maintained. Two positive results are a good indicator of healthy male fertility with high confidence ratios that the donor should be able to father kids normally.

The home male fertility test offers these advantages

  • Cheap and easily available without waiting
  • Privacy
  • Accurate results in under 1/2 hr
  • Determine if there is a male problem and fast track professional help

The last advantage is critical. Most fertility centres and Drs will not consider investigating male fertility issues until the couple have tried for at least 12 months (if female < 35 years) By home testing, a low or imotile sperm problem can be brought for early investigation and treatment.

FertilityScore Male Fertility Test is available from online retailers and good pharmacies

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