Can your breakfast choice affect the sex of your baby ?

Just read this really baffling article online in the Times Fertility File. It is by I have previously scanned it, but not really thought about it until today

However it was brought home to me recently how many of my friends have 3 boys. My friends are all of healthy weight and eat breakfast every day- a high energy breakfast cereal. Could their dietry choices have produced all these boys I wondered as suggested by the article ?

The article  discusses the findings of a recent study by the universities of Oxford &  Exeter invloving 740 pregnant women ,which found that eating a high energy breakfast cereal increased the chances of the baby being a boy.

Here is an exert from the article:

Breakfasting on Shredded Wheat or cornflakes has been found to increase dramatically a woman’s chances of having sons instead of daughters. Up to 59 per cent of women who get pregnant after eating high-energy breakfasts end up giving birth to a son.

By contrast, researchers have found, only 43 per cent of women who always skipped breakfast before conceiving managed to produce boys.

When food consumption is considered across the whole day the pattern is repeated, with 56 per cent of women eating high-energy food having sons. Of the women on low-energy diets, only 45 per cent had boys.

The findings, the first direct evidence that what is on the menu can influence gender.

Fiona Mathews, of the University of Exeter, said eating high-calorie breakfasts seemed to be the best guarantee of influencing the gender of a baby in favour of boys before conception. Getting into the routine of eating breakfast cereals seemed to be more influential than which brand was consumed, she said.

“Those women who eat the most are the ones who are most likely to have male babies,” she said. “Cereals seem to be one of the key food groups.”

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