Exercise and Male Fertility

Decided to research how fertility is affected by different kinds of exercise. Found a really interesting article which has some advice on how mens sperm count can be affected by over exercising amonst other things.

It seems, for example, that marathon running or long-distance cycling, can affect mens sperm counts & motility. Cyclists should wear padded cycling shorts (to avoid scrotal damage) and avoid prolonged times in the saddle and excessive jolting.

Click here to read the full article-recomendations from Zita West

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Exercise for women-combatting osteoporosis

I have decided it is time I started looking after my bones. I have been exercising for years but not with any great emphasis on bone strength. I have concentrated on general fitness and cardiovascular fitness. I do a little exercise with weights-more to tone my arms than anything. I have always resisted jogging.

Recently I have been getting a lot of general aches and pains so thought it was a good time to review my exercise regime, and maybe start thinking about my bones and joints.

While researching I read a really interesting article about which exercises are most benficial for our bones. I have always known that weight training is good for bone strength, but have often thought I could neglect it in favour of fat burning exercise. I had not realised how important high impact exercise such as jogging was for the bones until I read this article-I may have to rethink on the jogging-just got to get a really good sports bra first !

I have just started taking a vitamin and mineral supplement, as  I have been trying to lose some weight.

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I think I may give jogging a go and start using that gym membership I am paying for-twice weekly seems to be the recomended level for my age. Just another really good related article by same author on exerciseing do’s and dont’s for pregnant women. Think this may need to be a topic for another blog post.

Home FSH Fertility Tests -an update

Just repeated my home FSH urine test as could not wait until Thursday, and this time it is negative. Am unsure what this means-does it just mean I have ovulated very late this month ? I will repeat it again on Thursday-luckily I have a pack of ten tests. I’ve been doing lots of research on FSH levels and their significance. I will post some useful links later.