Self-help measures for improving healthy sperm production

  • Avoiding hot baths
  • Wearing boxer shorts and loose trousers
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Drinking only moderate amounts of alcohol
  • Not smoking
  • Avoiding stress

Oh if only life was that simple-lol

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3 thoughts on “Self-help measures for improving healthy sperm production”

  1. Also keep laptops off your laps as laptops on lap can cause overheating of the testicles which is not good for male fertility.

    Anything that causes overheating of this area can be detrimental. Some sports may cause problems ie vigorous prolonged cycling or horse riding may have adverse effect on sperm

  2. Some recent research has suggested that wifi from lasptops may also effect sperm motility adversely. This is clearly an area of concern and more research is needed in this area. In the meantime it would seem wise for men to keep their laptops off their laps if they are planning to start trying to conceive.

    Just a thought, I wonder if laptops have any adverse effect on female fertility ? or any other long term adverse health effects ?

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