Instead Cups-have you heard of them before ?

Just come across this product. Not tried them myself yet.

Instead Cup (Softcup) holds rather than absorbs menstrual fluid, you should be able to wear the Softcup twice as long as a tampon up to a maximum of 12 hours.

INSTEAD Cup (Softcup) has a flexible circular rim which is approximately 7cm in diameter. When compressed for insertion, INSTEAD is about the same size as a tampon – approximately 1-2cm wide and 9cm long. One size fits nearly all women for excellent leakage protection, even on heavy days.

Just read online that some women are using Instead Softcups to aid conception. They are inserting the instead cups after intercourse to help keep the sperm close to the cervix. They combine this with laying down after intercourse. That’s certainly lateral thinking. I will research and see how successful it is.

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